Describe a QR code and explain how these codes can be beneficial to social marketing?

What are QR codes? How do QR codes work? How to scan QR codes? How these codes can be beneficial to social marketing or mobile marketing?

What are QR codes?

QR codes are basically small holograms or small 3D bar codes that can be scanned on your smart devices and some kind of information can be contained in that 3D barcode type of code that is commonly used by marketers and that customers can scan and immediately access more information.

How do QR codes work?

If you go to some retail locations, you will notice that there are these products, and on the backside of the product, there will be a small square or rectangle, a kind of bar code, which does not look like the traditional barcode, but it is something that is again, dots and spaces, which is basically trying to depict some amount of information.

QR code

How to scan QR codes?

QR code scanners are available on your phone. If you scan this QR code with your phone's QR Code scanner, which is now a very basic application available on most devices, you will get the information that the QR code contains.

So, for example, if you want people to access your website and you want to provide them with a link to the website, rather than telling them that this is the link to the website because it is number, etc. It will be an extremely long URL.

Customers may find it difficult to understand all of the URL details, type them into their phone, and then access your website if you ask them to do so. 

Customers may make mistakes, or they may be uninterested in exerting so much effort to visit your website. 

Rather than doing all of that, you have now provided the customer with a small image that the customer can easily scan, and by scanning this image on a QR code reader, the customer can navigate directly to your website.

How these codes can be beneficial to marketing?

Consider the following scenario: the customer has just purchased a device or a product from you. 

You now want to give the customer the opportunity to learn more about the product. In this case, instead of providing the customer with a PDF file or a printout of the user manual, you will now provide the customer with a small QR Code. 

Every time a customer wants to access the user manual, he or she can simply scan it on the QR code scanner and be taken to the user manual online.

You have enormous opportunities because any updates to the user manual can be distributed very easily to all customers because every time the customer scans the QR Code, he or she gets access to the most recent user manual available. 

As a result, QR codes are now very effective in transitioning from offline to online or offline to mobile. Because typing isn't always an option. It is not possible to click.

If you could, for example, click on a physical device and have the webpage displayed on your mobile phone, it would be very simple or very effective, but such technology does not exist. 

As a result, QR codes can assist you in making that transition more smoothly. Simply scanning it on your mobile phone will take you to any kind of information, any kind of website, and any kind of details about the product.

You may have noticed that there are thousands and thousands of different products available in the retail store, but if you have the retailer's application, in many cases you can scan the QR code next to the product shelf and it will give details of what the price is, what the promotion is, what offers are running, what kind of nutritional content is there, and what kind of product is available. 

All information is provided to you by this single small 3D bar code, which is a very extremely rich source of information, and it is all made possible by the mobile platforms that we now have.

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