What Is SEM? (Search Engine Marketing)

What Is SEM? (Search Engine Marketing)

The search engine is where most customers begin their purchasing process or purchase cycle. When you have a need for a specific product, you frequently go to a search engine and begin to search for information, beginning to look for alternatives on such a page. 

For example, suppose you're planning a vacation and want to visit a number of countries. Assume you want to visit Italy, Singapore, or Australia, but you want to learn more about these countries first. What will your destination be?

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You will go to Google or another similar search engine and begin searching for information on these platforms, and each time you will search for this information, you will become a potential customer, someone who has the potential to purchase air tickets, hotel rooms, or other experiences in these countries.

According to research, nearly 60% of customers begin their purchase cycle or process with a search engine, and nearly 60% of these customers end up clicking on one of the ads served at the top of the search engine result page on the first page itself.

As a result, having a significant presence on search engines in the form of advertising is extremely important for marketers. If you are unable to have organic results appear, you still want to have something available for customers to click on and visit your page.

So the formal definition of search engine marketing is a revenue model used by search engines in which the advertiser only pays when a customer clicks on a specific advertisement. 

So that's what search engine marketing is all about. Pay-per-click advertising is another name for search engine marketing.

Search Engine Marketing

Why use Search Engine Marketing?

1. Relevance

When it comes to search engine marketing, one thing you can be certain of is that customers who are looking for this information, customers who are coming to the search engine and searching for specific information, are truly interested in this product purchase or category of products. They intend to learn more about this product or to purchase it. 

So, when it comes to search engine marketing, relevance is extremely high.

2. Timing

The second factor is timing. When it comes to traditional advertisements, there are specific timeslots on television. When it comes to newspaper advertisements, there are certain frequencies at which they are delivered to you. 

It could be a daily newspaper that arrives in the morning and people do not necessarily view your advertisement afterward, etc. 

However, in search engine marketing, as in many other digital forms of advertising, you have the option of being available to the customer 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 

You also have the ability to reach out to customers in different parts of the world, in different languages, and so on.

So, once again, timing and customization are very influential or important when it comes to search engine marketing. Users must qualify themselves. 

They basically come to you and give you a search term, and based on that search term, you can provide them with the advertisement that they are looking for.

3. Access of Data

The fact that you have access to all of this data is the final and most important reason why search engine marketing is so important. 

You can identify information and data pertaining to whether or not customers clicked on your advertisement, whether or not customers found your advertisement to be relevant, whether or not customers who came from a search engine actually purchased your product, thereby calculating conversion rates, and so on.

And all of this data and information that you automatically collect because it's a digital platform can be used to make your campaigns much more effective and thus invest your budgets much more effectively.

So, when it comes to search engine marketing, the relevance or intent of the customer, timing, self-qualifying users, cost-effectiveness control, data analytics, and strategizing accuracy are all important factors.

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