What Is SMS? What Is SMS Marketing?

What does SMS stand for? What does SMS mean? What is the meaning of SMS? What is the difference between SMS and MMS? What is SMS marketing? How SMS text marketing works?

What is SMS?

SMS stands for short message service. It is essentially the type of text messages that you send to one another via the mobile platform. Marketers have been using it for many years. 

It is one of the most basic methods for broadcasting information or content in a very targeted manner.

SMS is basically used by everyone, from when you're transacting with a bank to when you're making changes to the customer relationship management data or when you're doing a transaction on an e-commerce platform and you've made a purchase, you get a confirmation about what's going on.

Every time your order moves from one location to another in the e-commerce supply chain, you will receive notifications. 

When you finish a call with a telecom service provider such as Airtel, Vodafone, Idea, or others, you will receive an SMS asking for feedback.

As a result, SMS is now a very good vehicle for gathering feedback in a very efficient manner. 

Many times, if you are a part of a customer relationship management program, a mailing list type of setup, or if you are in the company's database and the company knows what your mobile number is, a lot of promotional content is shared via SMS.

SMS Marketing

How SMS text marketing works?

You may have noticed that some brands have a Black Friday sale. Suddenly, a 40% discount is applied to the merchandise. 

All of this communication will be delivered to you via SMS. SMS messages have a very high open-rate. 

Customers open nearly 90% of SMS messages very frequently or very quickly. As a result, SMS is a very powerful tool in the hands of the marketer.

You can easily reach out to customers. It is extremely targetable because you know who it is because the customer is in your database. 

It is extremely relevant to customers because you are able to contact a customer who is in the database. You send them information that is pertinent to their needs

It can be highly personalized because, once again, it is delivered to your mobile device, which is unique to you. It is visible, which indicates that it is generally open.

SMS is read more than 90% of the time within the first 5-10 minutes and is available to everyone.

When you use advanced technologies, you restrict your accessibility to people who use advanced phones or smartphones. 

However, if you use a technology like SMS, the accessibility is so high that you can reach out to any customer who has a mobile phone anywhere in the world. 

As a result of all of these factors, SMS, despite being such a simple and old technology, remains a very potent and efficient technology that we use in the mobile case.

What is the difference between SMS and MMS?

MMS is a service that allows you to send and receive multimedia messages. 

It is essentially the bigger brother of SMS in that it refers to having rich media content, images, flash content, gif content, and so on messaging platforms. 

It's also something that marketers use a lot, where they spend a lot of push notifications, a lot of content-rich advertising that's pushed through MMS platforms.

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