What is social media marketing & types of social media platforms?

Social Media Marketing World - What is social media marketing? What are the types of social media platforms?

Social media marketing is a type of Internet marketing that uses social networking sites as marketing tools to gain tropics, brand exposure, and customer interaction.

These are platforms where customers come to discuss their daily lives with other customers, and these social networks are used in some way by marketers to gather more customers, to ensure that customer engagement levels are kept at a very high level, to ensure that they have greater brand exposure, and to also understand how they can create a narrative.

You can basically use paid, owned, and earned media approaches on social media platforms or on social media. 

Consider how many advertisements are serviced on Facebook, Linked In, and other platforms. 

There are numerous influencer programs run on various platforms, all of which become part of the paid media platform or paid media approaches to social media.

There are many companies that have their own Facebook communities, Twitter accounts, and LinkedIn pages, and they may be using all of this to better engage customers, to ensure that they can reach out to customers with product promotions, to ensure that they can now hire a large number of employees who can come and work for them, and for a variety of other purposes.

Social media marketing

Different types of social media platforms

There are different types of social media platforms, and we need to understand all of these different types of social media platforms because that is what will give us an overview of the entire social media clutter out there.

Platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Wikipedia, and many others are all social in nature, are all classified as social networks, and can all be used by marketers in different ways. 

However, they each have distinct features and characteristics.

So, in general, there are four ways to categorize social networking sites and social networking platforms.

Social communities, social publishing sites, social entertainment providers, and social commerce sites are examples of these.

1. Social Communities Site

The social community, as the term implies, is a platform that primarily focuses on the creation and management of human communities. 

So these are places where people go to interact with one another. Social networks are not a new phenomenon in the internet world. Social networks have always existed, but the changes have been in the scale and reach of social networks.

Previously, a social network would have been a small group of friends who used to work together or who used to get together in the evenings to play cricket or football. 

They would talk about different products and different people. They would talk about various scenarios that are happening in this society.

Today, all of this has been transformed into the social networking space in the digital world, as a result of which you now have a greater reach, a greater number of people talking to each other, much faster communication, and no geographical limitations.

On Facebook, you can easily communicate with someone in the United States. As a result, such communities have always existed. 

Even today, there are numerous platforms, and customers primarily spend time on social networks in order to interact with this community. 

So you basically want to socialize, converse with other people, and share a lot of content about what you're doing and what's going on in your life so that others can see and create an image of what kind of person you are. 

So social communities are the first and most important type of social network that you will encounter.

2. Social Publishing Sites

Social publishing sites are where a lot of content is generated and published. So this is where we talk about a lot of blogs out there, a lot of places where user-generated content can be generated. 

These could be blogs of a commercial nature where people come and talk about certain activities or elements of their everyday expertise, as well as talk about certain products that are available and act as affiliates to get more people to know about such products.

It could be more people coming out and sharing their general interest in various aspects of life. 

So social publishing is a place where people can create content and share it with the rest of the world, letting the world know what kinds of interests they have.

3. Social Entertainment Sites

There are platforms for social entertainment as well. For example, there are numerous platforms that offer games, videos, movies, and other similar services. 

People review movies on IMDB, which is a good example of a social entertainment platform. They talk about various movie genres. 

They discuss various aspects of what makes a movie interesting and what makes a movie uninteresting. There are some reviews available.

So, whenever a customer wants to watch a movie, they can go to IMDB to figure out which one to watch. 

A similar situation exists on YouTube, where there is a large amount of video content. 

A large portion of this content is used for entertainment purposes. People watch a lot of this content, so they can now spend time and find some entertainment value from it. It is also very social in nature.

4. Social Commerce Sites

Finally, there are social commerce and collaboration applications. Wikipedia is one of the most important applications that I can recall. 

Wikipedia is a place where many people congregate, many people who manage and create content about various elements. People like you and me work together to create the content that you can find on Wikipedia.

Quora is another platform where people can now come and talk about or ask questions about various elements or problems that they are experiencing, or if they want to learn more about a specific location, product, or service. 

All of this information is available on platforms such as Quora, Wikipedia, and others. These are all collaborative platforms.

There is also a lot of commerce that takes place on social media. You may have noticed that Facebook has recently created a marketplace where you can now interact with other customers who are attempting to sell products. 

As a result, social commerce is also taking place. You may have noticed that many local businesses have business pages on Facebook. 

By visiting these business pages, you can learn about the type of expertise they have. They can also be accessed through the call-to-action buttons on these pages. As a result, a lot of commerce takes place on social media.

Social media and social platforms are also used as an extremely important area for gathering customer feedback and understanding what the customer is looking for. 

As a result, social media is used for a lot of customer relationship management. Customers can go to your Facebook page and complain about a problem they've had.

For example, if you own a destination website or a hotel in the city of Goa, customers who have visited your hotel or property can now take pictures and share their experiences on your social platform, which becomes content for other customers to see. 

So all of this will result in more sales, more money for you, and more business for you. As a result, social media can now be used as a commerce application.

So the various platforms that you see are a social community, social publishing, social entertainment, and social commerce or collaboration. 

So, if you take all of the social networking platforms that you have seen and are a part of, you can see that they can all be classified as predominantly one of these platforms. 

You may also discover that these platforms are a hybrid of any of these. There may be platforms that are associated with two of these elements. 

Take, for example, Facebook, which can be both a social community and a source of entertainment for many people.

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