Why Is Mobile Marketing So Important?

What is mobile marketing? What is mobile app marketing? Why use mobile marketing?

It is estimated that six out of every seven people in the world own a mobile phone, totaling approximately 6 billion people worldwide. 

Mobile devices are used by more people than desktop computers to access Facebook. As a result, mobile phones are extremely important in terms of digital platforms and digital marketing

According to some research, Americans spent nearly 225 billion minutes in 2013 on the Facebook mobile app and nearly 19 billion minutes on the Twitter mobile app. 

So, mobile marketing and mobile technologies are extremely important when it comes to how we can reach out to customers and ensure that our marketing efforts are substantiated by this platform as well.

Why mobile marketing

Why mobile marketing

Mobile marketing has been around for a long time. Marketers have used a variety of applications over the years, but mobile marketing has become increasingly important. Let's look at why mobile marketing is so important now.

1. The first reason is that customers' mobile devices are extremely personal to them. Customers almost always carry mobile devices because they are so personal. Customers are always likely to quickly access the content and messages that you share with them via mobile devices.

Because the mobile device is the one device that the customer always carries, it is very personal to the customer. This is also why many of your customers will see whatever content you provide them on their mobile devices very quickly.

2. Mobile devices are almost always turned on. Many customers do not turn off or keep their mobile devices offline. Because this is the case, you can reach customers very quickly whenever you start a campaign or send a notification to the customer; more often than not, customers can access all of this content immediately or within a few minutes.

There is a small catch here as well because many times you want to schedule all of the transactions and content that you send out to customers in such a way that it is not intrusive to the customer.

Consider a customer who receives a large number of SMSs from you at 3:00 a.m., effectively waking the customer up in the middle of the night. 

With all of the services you're providing, the customer will be extremely irritated. As a result, scheduling all of this content, scheduling all of this information that you send to customers, becomes extremely important.

3. Payment systems are also built into mobile devices. As a result, mobile devices become more of a gateway between a customer and a manufacturer, where transactions can take place easily. 

Many online service providers today use e-wallets and a variety of mobile payment systems to facilitate transactions because the payment mechanism is somewhere inbuilt within the system and network and can also be linked through applications to your bank accounts and other such things.

4. At the point of creative inspiration, mobile devices are available. Many times, when a customer encounters a product or service offering in the marketplace, the customer has a variety of thoughts. 

For example, if a customer sees a fantastic advertisement in a retail space, he or she may want to share it with ten other people.

If a customer sees a new offering in the marketplace that he or she wants to let others know about, the mobile phone is likely the only device that the customer has to take a picture of it and send it to people.

Customers are frequently inspired by various activities undertaken by marketers, and positive word of mouth is frequently generated as a result of the customer's possession of this device. 

Because the customer has access to a mobile phone, it is common for negative or positive user-generated content to be generated immediately.

5. The last point to mention is that mobile phones always provide accurate audience measurements.

So you can easily measure what the audience was doing, where the person was located, what time of day you were doing things, what kind of applications were involved, and so on. 

Because mobile phones enable accurate audience measurement by marketers and other providers of applications in the mobile ecosystem, all of this becomes very simple. 

As a result of all of these factors, mobile technology and mobile marketing are extremely relevant and critical.

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