What Does Digital Marketing Consist Of?

What are the components of digital marketing? The key elements of the digital marketing ecosystem. Components of Digital marketing environment.

When we consider all of the different platforms and opportunities available in the digital marketing ecosystem or environment, it can be a little overwhelming for anyone because there are so many social media platforms out there. 

There's Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, and so on. There are search engines such as Google, Amazon, and YouTube. You have other platforms and a large number of affiliates.

You have all other options, such as using any website, blog, or content provider out there to position your products.

So, if we don't have a place or a mechanism for categorizing and putting everything in perspective, it may become a little overwhelming for us to understand what this entire ecosystem is capable of or what kinds of platforms are available in the entire ecosystem.

As a result, we will now discuss the key elements of the digital marketing ecosystem.

Components of Digital marketing

1. Manufacturer and Consumer

The manufacturer or marketer of the product is on one end, and the customer or consumer of the product is on the other, and we're trying to figure out what the directions and different things are out there for which a marketer can use to ensure that the product is effectively communicated, promoted, and sold between these two entities.

So the first element is the manufacturer, followed by the consumer. All of the activities involved in the fulfillment, delivery, or selling of products and services from the manufacturer to the customer take place on platforms known as e-commerce platforms.

So, any platform you're referring to, whether it's Amazon, Flipkart, or another platform, such as eBay, is an e-commerce platform. You may now find consumer-driven platforms in e-commerce platforms. There may be platforms that are geared toward business-to-business transactions.

As a result, there are a number of platforms that are B to B driving. There are a number of platforms that are driven from A to B. There are also C to C platforms where consumers or customers can now interact with other customers and sell products to them. As a result, all of these platforms exist.

When it comes to other platforms, there are some that are primarily used by the manufacturer or marketer to reach out to and communicate with the customer. These platforms are commonly referred to as outbound marketing tools or outbound marketing techniques.

This is where you try to reach out to the customer rather than the customer reaching out to you. You're attempting to approach and converse with the customer.

So, for example, when you go to a website, you might notice that there are these small display advertisements, banner advertisements, or pop-up advisements that appear. 

The customer isn't necessarily requesting information on this. The customer isn't looking for this information, but you discover that there is an opportunity for this customer who comes to you.

2. Outbound Marketing

For instance, the customer visits a football blog. Of course, the customer could be a football player or someone who enjoys watching football. 

You've probably figured out that the person who visits such a website is someone who is interested in football. 

So you can put up banner advertisements about football shoes, football clubs, footballs in general, or any other football-related products or services that have a target group of people who are interested in football. 

As a result, such display advertisements are generally regarded as outbound marketing.

3. Inbound Marketing

This is where you ensure that there is an opportunity for all customers who have a need or a requirement for your product or service to directly reach out to you and come to you. As a result, such platforms are known as inbound marketing platforms.

As a result, you may use a variety of search engines in this case. You could, for example, use search engine optimization techniques to direct a customer who is looking for information to your website. 

There may be social communities, communities on social media, and so on where the customer can go and discuss with other customers or experts who have the information and can provide it.

There may be other opportunities where you will have a lot of email forums where customers can come and register and type in a lot of information and it will come to you as an email where you can easily reach out to the customer. 

There may be a lot of call-to-action type campaigns out there where the customer can get your address, phone number, and thus reach out to you. Inbound marketing encompasses all of these elements where the customer can now easily come to the manufacturer.

So, digital marketing is all about manufacturers and selling their products to the customers. It is the key element of digital marketing. It also consists of E-commerce, outbound marketing, and inbound marketing.

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