Five-Step Approach For Creating a Digital Marketing Strategy

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To begin strategizing about how you should think about creating a digital presence or a digital marketing strategy, you might want to take a five-step approach

Don't be alarmed; I'm not going to go into detail about all of this. I just want to introduce you to the small framework so that we can all agree on how we're going to proceed.

Digital Marketing Strategy
These five stages are as follows: define, design, implement, measure, and improve.

Digital Marketing Strategy 1 - Define 

Now comes the part where we talk about defining your specific goals. Your goal could be to increase sales, increase positive word of mouth, or raise customer awareness of your products. 

Any of these could be the goal. As a result, the first stage is where you define these goals.

Digital Marketing Strategy 2 - Design

The second step is to design the campaign

As previously stated, you could use e-commerce, outbound, inbound, social media, mobile platforms, or a combination of these elements. 

However, it is up to you to understand and design which type of element or combination of elements to use. 

So, after you've defined something, defined that this is my goal, you design the digital marketing strategy.

When designing this strategy, keep in mind that it should be foolproof, so some testing of the strategy, some brainstorming on whether this strategy will work or not, some trying to see if it has synced with the target group and the type of product category that you're selling; all of these elements are required in the design.

Digital Marketing Strategy 3 - Implement

The third component is where you put the strategy into action. 

Now, if you're doing a search engine campaign, it will entail going to Google and attempting to implement the search engine marketing campaign.

If you're running a Facebook campaign, you'd go to Facebook and post this campaign there. 

If you're doing something very organic, such as search engine optimization, it would be implementing the optimization plan that you have in mind, so it could be implementing whatever you've designed.

Digital Marketing Strategy 4 - Measure

The fourth stage is where you determine what the results or returns are.

Digital Marketing Strategy 5 - Improve

The final stage is that once you measure, you may notice that, okay, I had planned on having such a number of customers come and buy my product. I had anticipated that this would be the number of sales incremental revenue that I would receive from customers. I'm not sure I'm getting any of that.
So, how do I achieve the goals I've set for myself? So this is where you consider improving your campaign and your performance.

So, regardless of what we do, the digital marketing ecosystem helps us understand the opportunities.

It also allows us to determine what kind of mix we should have. And when you strategize, you begin by defining your objectives, then design the type of digital marketing strategy you want, implement it, measure it, and finally improve the overall strategy.

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