How to create a URL?

How URL works? Which protocol is used on most URL addresses?

How to create URL?

When you have a website, you will provide a lot of links, and you may have noticed that there are some websites that are very simple to understand. 

Some websites are extremely difficult to understand due to URLs that are extremely complex in nature. 

You could have a lot of extra symbols, a lot of characters you don't understand, a lot of characters that are extremely complex and make the URL extremely complex. 

This is also harmful to obtaining a better search engine result or to search engine optimization.

Your URL should be as simple as possible. You could be referring to specific keywords that are important to the website you're discussing. 

So your URL should try to identify which keyword is most important on this page, and the URL should contain as much of the keyword as possible.

Why do we go for URL rewriting?

There are many examples; there are percent symbols, numbers, complex symbols such as the @ symbol, and so on that can be found in URLs. 

All of these factors make it difficult for customers to understand where they are, the URL they are visiting, or which page they are visiting. 

As a result, many customers are hesitant to click on such links. 

On the other hand, it does not provide the search engine with the appropriate image or structure, making it difficult for the search engine to understand if the URL is complex. 

If the URL is complicated, the customer finds it difficult as well. The customer will never be able to remember the URL. 

It's also difficult because many customers believe that such complicated URLs will be spam or contain threatening content, so they won't click on them. 

As a result, your URL should be simple for both of these reasons. URLs should not be excessively long, nor should they be any longer than is required.

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