Why are mobile applications important as a marketer or as a company in the digital space?

Mobile Applications - Types of mobile applications, Why are mobile applications important? Benefits of mobile app development as a marketer or as a company.

What we commonly see on an Apple I-store or a Google Play store, for example, are referred to as mobile applications. It is a self-contained program or piece of software that is designed to accomplish a specific task and is very common

So, you could be downloading an app from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store that is related to, say, an e-commerce platform that offers a dedicated app. 

It could be about a travel website that provides a lot of reviews about various locations that you might want to visit. It could be an instant messaging app that you want to use to communicate with friends. It could be an audio streaming service or a radio app that you want to use to listen to music.

Why are mobile applications important

Types of mobile applications

You may have noticed that there are many different applications available, but the majority of these applications can be found on the Google Playstore, which is primarily for Android-based mobile phones, or on the IOS app store, which is primarily for Apple devices that use the IOS platforms. 

There are other applications available, but these are the two most popular platforms where you can find millions upon millions of applications. So, regardless of your needs, you will find that there are a plethora of these applications available.

Now, the reason why Google Play and the IOS app store are important is that they serve as a centralized platform from which you can reach out to a large number of customers and millions and millions of customers. 

It provides a lot of credibility for your application because otherwise, customers have a lack of trust in these applications that are found on other platforms, but when it comes on the Google Playstore or the IOS app store, it becomes more credible and customers can download and use these applications much more easily.

Why are mobile applications important?

As a marketer or as a company in the digital space here are the benefits of mobile app development which are listed below -

Mobile App provides dedicated attention

Applications are extremely important for several reasons. For starters, they allow you to have the customer's undivided attention. You could be on a search engine and then click on the first link, which leads to your website. The second link could lead to a competitor's website. Customers may switch from your website to a competitor's website or to a third-party website on a mobile-enabled website, for example.

There is no dedicated attention that the customer can give to the content that you are providing. However, on an application, you have the customer's undivided attention. Apps are frequently designed in such a way that they completely engulf the screen and focus the customer's attention on the application. 

For example, if you're using an e-commerce application, the customer is only interested in offerings that are provided or available on your e-commerce platform. As a result, one advantage of mobile apps is dedicated attention.

The opportunity of creating specialized or niche applications

The second advantage of mobile apps is that they can be highly specialized or niche. 

Assume you are using a shopping application. Instead of providing a lot of other information that may be present on the mobile website, you can have this shopping application specifically designed to provide a basket of products that the customer is looking for, categorize them into different aspects, and make it easy for the customer to check out and leave.

If you're considering something like a gaming application, it can be very specifically designed and very specialized for the game alone rather than providing more information about the company that is making the game, etc. 

As a result, specialized or niche mobile applications can capture data. A mobile application, as opposed to a mobile website, has more control over the customer's data. 

Many times when you download and install applications, you will notice that the application requests certain permissions from you.

So it may ask for permissions such as tracking your location, tracking the time of day, tracking available contacts, and so on, and all of this can be used to capture the types of application usage parameters, data usage parameters, the time of day that you're using the application, the types of products that you're browsing through, and so on. 

As a result, you have a much greater ability to capture all of this data, which may or may not be the case with a mobile-enabled website.

Able to push notifications

Many applications give you the option to send push notifications. You may have noticed that whenever there is a new promotion in the e-commerce platforms and you have one of these applications installed on your mobile phone, these applications will send you a push notification. 

So, when you go to your mobile phone, you'll see a notification from XYZ e-commerce platform saying that if you buy the product within the next few days, you'll get a 10%, 15%, and so on discount. Many times, if a new product is being released, the application can notify the customer that such a product has been released.

Many times, for example, if you use specific vehicle insurance and your policy is about to expire. If you have the insurance provider's app installed on your phone, they can easily remind you that such a type of insurance renewal is required. 

You may have noticed that your mobile service provider has applications that remind you about bill payments, recharges, offers, and so on.

So push notifications are very easily possible on mobile applications, which may or may not be the case when it comes to mobile-enabled websites because the website only has a role to play once you or the customer initiates the process of going to the website. 

However, there is an application on the device that runs in the background and can provide a lot of information.

Work when the internet access is interrupted

There are some applications that are designed so that they do not require internet access. Many times, because it is a piece of software and contains a lot of information, the application can be designed in such a way that even if the internet is interrupted, even if the customer does not have a data pack, the application will still work, which makes it much easier because many customers do not have access to the internet on their mobile phones.

Integration with technology on the phone

Integration with different technologies present on the phone, such as GPS technology, accessing the customer's contacts, accessing the customer's phone records, accessing SMS that is provided on the customer's phone, and so on, can be done much more ethically and morally by a mobile application than by a mobile-enabled website.

It can be easily updated

Platform-specific applications are possible. For example, you can have apps that are specific to Android versus apps that are specific to Apple. As a result, it is now much easier for you to have platform-specific applications created.

Finally, updating applications is very simple because you may have noticed that your phone updates itself and that many of these applications update themselves from the Google Playstore or from the IOS platforms that are available because many times you can provide an update and the aggregate platform provider, such as the Google Playstore, is now going to push this update to all the As a result, updating all of these applications is also very simple.


So, for all of these reasons of providing dedicated attention, of having the ability to create specialized or niche applications because you can capture better data because you can easily push notifications because the internet is not required, you can even have applications that work when internet access is interrupted, phone integration, and integration with tech you have the ability to send a large number of notifications. It can be designed specifically for different platforms and is easily updatable. Apps have become extremely important as a result of all of these benefits.

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