How to put ads on Youtube videos to make money?

Youtube Advertising - Is youtube advertising worth it? How to put ads on youtube videos to make money? How to make money on youtube without making a video?

YouTube is a purely video-based platform that provides customers with a large amount of video content. You can generate a lot of content organically or with respect to your owned media, you can basically have a YouTube channel where content can be produced and content can be provided to customers without much, much difficulty. 

Because many customers begin their decision-making process by using search engines. YouTube is also a search engine where many customers return for reviews, for user information, and so on.

A lot of marketing content can be used here. You can also build a culture or do corporate branding by sharing a lot of content about what kind of corporate culture you have, what kind of CSR activities you do, what other elements you do for society, and so on. 

As a result, people's feelings of goodwill grow. So this is what you can do with owned media on YouTube, but with earned media, you can also have a lot of content generated about you that can be shared with people on YouTube.

Now, in terms of paid media, YouTube is an extremely important and critical application because a lot of content, particularly advertising content, is shared on YouTube.

Youtube Advertising

How to put ads on Youtube videos to make money?

There are some specific Youtube ads that you can run on Youtube in the context of Youtube advertising and making money on Youtube videos.

  • Youtube Display Advertisements
  • Youtube Overlay Advertisements
  • Youtube Video Ads
  • Youtube Midroll Ads
  • Youtube Bumper Ads
  • Youtube Trueview Ads

Youtube Display Advertisements

When you go to YouTube and look into the video page, you will notice a small display advertisement that pops up on the top right side. 

This is something that comes after the video. It is not intrusive, it is not on the video, it is, of course, visible to many customers, it is most likely visible on the desktop version of YouTube, and this advertisement is the first way to have a display advertisement on YouTube.

It either works on a cost per impression or cost per click model, or it works on a cost per click model. Is that correct? So, this is one format in which you can advertise.

Youtube Overlay Advertisements

Overlay advertisements are another form of advertising that can be used. Overlay advertisements are the small text ads that appear on YouTube videos.

So many times when the video is playing, you'll notice a small textual ad that appears near the center and bottom of the video, similar to a search ad, similar to a text ad that you see on many platforms. 

This is the overlay advertisement, which appears as text at the bottom center of the video. 

It is displayed on top of the video, which becomes very intrusive and something that the customer will undoubtedly notice. It gets a lot of attention. It gives your brand a lot of visibility.

Youtube Video Ads

There are various types of video ads available now, depending on the video ad. There are two types of video ads: skippable and non-skippable.
Skippable video ads are those that appear at the beginning or middle of a video and must be watched for five seconds before you can skip through the video content that you are looking for.

This skippable video ad could be anything that lasts 30 seconds or more, but after the first five seconds, customers can basically skip and go to the video that they wanted. If the advertisement does not pique their interest, or if the product category does not appeal to them.

Non-skippable video ads are those that are longer than 30 seconds and that the customer must watch in order to access the content. 

Because the customer no longer has the option to skip these ads and proceed to the content, such advertisements may not always be welcomed by the customer. So this is something you should consider.

Youtube Midroll Ads

Midroll ads are shown in places where there is a natural break between two videos when there is autoplay that is working and after the end of one video and before the beginning of the other video, like you see in television commercials when there is a very natural break that exists between two programs. 

These could be skippable, non-skippable advertisements.

Youtube Bumper Ads

Now, bumper ads are extremely important because they are these small non-skippable ads that you see that are generally five to six seconds long. 

Now, these ads carry a very critical, very concise, and very straightforward message that basically helps people understand what the product is about, and these types of ads are most often used to increase the recall of a specific product or to make people remember or recall certain events that you're doing.

For example, if you're holding a large event to create sales formation campaigns on an eCommerce platform, you want people to remember that the sales promotion begins on this date. 

You might want to create bumper ads that are five to six seconds long and are non-skippable that customers will see on YouTube and will remind them that the promotional event will begin on such and such date and that they should come and visit your e-commerce platform.

Youtube Trueview Ads

Then there are Trueview ads or discovery-based ads, which are the ads that appear on the search page.

So, basically, when you're searching for specific content, you'll notice that in between, there are ads that pop up, which are also similar to native advertisements in that they blend into the overall environment and don't necessarily let the customer know that such an advertisement is out there.

So Trueview ads are extremely relevant because the customer often has the option to click on the advertisement if they are interested.

So these are the various formats in which YouTube advertisements operate. if you want to make money by advertising on youtube videos then you should consider these types of ads on the youtube platform.

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